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Monday, September 5, 2011

My Trip To Louisiana

I had a great time in Louisiana! Although the weather was horrible I still made the best of it. I wish I would have taken more pics but something is better then nothing. While there I ate a ton and shopped a TON!

I must say that my friend showed me a great time. I will say that Louisiana is unique in many ways including having a drive through restaurant for Daiquiris, you can get alcoholic or non alcoholic ( I wish I was lying).

I also visited a store called Charming Charlies. Can you say in love? The store had wall to wall accessories. So much accessories I was exhausted afterwards.

I was also made aware of the famous Tony Chacheres seasoning. My friend asked me to bring back three bottles. I bought two for myself which resulted in me stuffing seasoning all throughout my suitcase.

I can't wait for my next vacay! Hopefully there will be better weather and I promise more pics.


  1. You should have taken more pictures. But drive through Daiquiris??!!! I so want to be there


  2. Yes I know, I need to work on my picture taking while on vacay. Sometimes I just get so caught up in the moment I forget. The drive thru Daiquiri was crazy. Thanks for reading.


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