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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Making My Wardrobe Work

I'm going to confess......... I love to shop!

However there are times I feel like I have no clothes.

I know many ladies feel like this. Sometimes I look at my closet and I just stare at it because I don't know what to wear.

In an effort to save money and give myself a updated look I'm going to be revamping my wardrobe.

Recently I was browsing the Style and Beauty Doctor and I saw a great article on maximizing your wardrobe here.

My fall wardrobe will include a fierce statement coat

Source: us.asos.com via SAS on Pinterest

Source: us.asos.com via SAS on Pinterest

Some comfortable buy stylish boots (no corns please!!!)

and a vibrant clutch.

Source: etsy.com via SAS on Pinterest

I'm hoping that I can thrift some of these items, I'm planning on making a trip to the thrift store very soon. I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

i had an epiphany TODAY

When I first decided to start blogging I knew that I wanted to talk about hair and style. But I kept thinking to myself, how would I fit in? There are so many other fabulous blogs out there. I didn't want to be seen as " Just another natural hair blog". I wanted to be more than that.

Now I am in no way saying that other blogs are that, in fact I think all of the blogs are unique in their own respect, however from my point of view I was thinking that my blog would be viewed as one out of many blogs geared toward hair, fashion, style and life. You know "just another one" in the eyes of the world.

Today it came to me that my blog wouldn't be just another hair blog it would be my blog. Whatever I wanted to say and what my readers wanted to know, that would be it. It doesn't matter what it is viewed as, because I know what it is.

So this blog is "Not Another Hair Blog" its my blog and its my space.

The Many Uses of Rose Water

Recently a friend of mine introduced me to rose water. Not only does it have an amazing smell it can be used in various ways.

Rosewater can be used as toner, facial cleanser and a hair moisturizer. Rose water can also be added to bath water for a relaxing invigorating experience.

It has also been said that rose water can cure a sore throat and sore gums (wow....who knew??)

Rose water can also be used as a disinfectant and an air freshener.

I plan on reviewing how rosewater works on my hair....

This should be interesting...stay tuned


Image Source

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where I'm Going......

Being that I have locs I see alot of sites that discuss being a loose natural. I have learned so much from these sites. Some of my absolute favorite natural hair sites (in no particular order) are

K is for Kinky
For the Fabulous and Frugal
Curly Nikki
Loc Rocker
Leave in the Kinks

I would like this blog to be a information filled resource for those looking for beautiful healthy locs.

I think that sometimes individuals with locs feel that they are limited in the options that are available to them. Sometimes I wish there were more websites out there for locs and loc maintenance. I have come across some wonderful loc sites like

Jungle Barbie
Loc Rocker

my goal is to create a venue that is open and helpful to all but especially helpful to those with locs.

I hope you join me for this ride.

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Trip To Louisiana

I had a great time in Louisiana! Although the weather was horrible I still made the best of it. I wish I would have taken more pics but something is better then nothing. While there I ate a ton and shopped a TON!

I must say that my friend showed me a great time. I will say that Louisiana is unique in many ways including having a drive through restaurant for Daiquiris, you can get alcoholic or non alcoholic ( I wish I was lying).

I also visited a store called Charming Charlies. Can you say in love? The store had wall to wall accessories. So much accessories I was exhausted afterwards.

I was also made aware of the famous Tony Chacheres seasoning. My friend asked me to bring back three bottles. I bought two for myself which resulted in me stuffing seasoning all throughout my suitcase.

I can't wait for my next vacay! Hopefully there will be better weather and I promise more pics.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NOLA her I come.........

Source: weheartit.com via SAS on Pinterest

I'm on my way to New Orleans to visit one of my girl friends!!!

I'm very excited since I desperately need a getaway. I'm going to take a ton of pics and I hope that I'm able to take you there with my pics.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LocuMentary Vol 2- Bye Bye Buildup

So I mentioned previously that I was having a problem with buildup (buildup)

Today I did a baking soda and ACV rinse and I'm proud to say I loved it.

I didn't really measure exactly. I added the baking soda and the ACV until it formed a pastey consistency. I left the mixture on for about 10 minutes. I loved the results.

To moisturize my hair before retwisting I used this. This stuff is AMAZING!!! Definitely a staple.

I will be doing these cleanses twice a year. I know the reaction between the ACV and the baking soda is not the best, so therefore I don't think it should be done too often, however in order to have clean locs its a necessity....

Going forward I think I'm going to be switching up my regimen a bit.

I plan to re-twist every 2-3 weeks faithfully! My roots marry something terrible if I don't. The damage of not re-twisting could lead to disaster when I finally do.

I've also seen better results this time when retwisting because I did not clip at the roots. As a result my hair dried much better and it was less painful. I can't wait until my hair is long enough so that I don't need to use clips.

I'm also going to make sure not to spritz my hair daily with water. I think that leads to my hair unraveling faster and my hair taking longer to loc in some places. I will oil when necessary and maybe spritz with water twice a week. I think with my re-twisting more frequently this will yield great results. All in all I love my hair.

Thanks for reading......

From Blah To BAM!!!

So many times we as Women (and Men) get bored with our style. It's so easy to be un inspired or just lost when it comes to putting together an outfit. I'm definitely guilty of this. Sometimes I will have a boring week where everything is just so plain. I've found ways to bring life to a otherwise boring outfits. Some of my favorite things are bracelets. I love love love bracelets. I will wear 100 at a time if my arms were long enough. One of my favorite places for bracelets is Aldo! Take a looksie and see what I mean....

Source: aldoshoes.com via SAS on Pinterest

Source: aldoshoes.com via SAS on Pinterest

Source: aldoshoes.com via SAS on Pinterest

And of course a fun statement necklace won't hurt (just don't over do it) Remember less is more!

And here are some of my bracelets that I wore today....

Thanks for reading!

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