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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LocuMentary Vol 2- Bye Bye Buildup

So I mentioned previously that I was having a problem with buildup (buildup)

Today I did a baking soda and ACV rinse and I'm proud to say I loved it.

I didn't really measure exactly. I added the baking soda and the ACV until it formed a pastey consistency. I left the mixture on for about 10 minutes. I loved the results.

To moisturize my hair before retwisting I used this. This stuff is AMAZING!!! Definitely a staple.

I will be doing these cleanses twice a year. I know the reaction between the ACV and the baking soda is not the best, so therefore I don't think it should be done too often, however in order to have clean locs its a necessity....

Going forward I think I'm going to be switching up my regimen a bit.

I plan to re-twist every 2-3 weeks faithfully! My roots marry something terrible if I don't. The damage of not re-twisting could lead to disaster when I finally do.

I've also seen better results this time when retwisting because I did not clip at the roots. As a result my hair dried much better and it was less painful. I can't wait until my hair is long enough so that I don't need to use clips.

I'm also going to make sure not to spritz my hair daily with water. I think that leads to my hair unraveling faster and my hair taking longer to loc in some places. I will oil when necessary and maybe spritz with water twice a week. I think with my re-twisting more frequently this will yield great results. All in all I love my hair.

Thanks for reading......

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