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Friday, August 19, 2011

Waiting for them to grow and Loc Envy

I'm guilty of it...yes I am.

I.stare at others who have thick luscious locs. Sometimes I have to catch myself so they don't think I'm psycho.

Today I saw a girl on the train and I admired her hair because it was so free. It wasn't freshly twisted but it just looked so natural. I should have taken a pic. I think I'm going to start taking random pics of locs. (Don't think I'm crazy..LOL).

Although I love to admire others locs I appreciate my own. I admire my own texture and how my hair gets all wavy when I wet it. I admire the thickness. Although its not as thick as I would like its still beautiful and its MINE!

I try not to put to much thought into length I'm more into the  health of my hair and scalp. So for those of you struggling...relax...you will get there

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