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Saturday, June 25, 2011

yeah i can get with this blogging thing .....

this is so random, but I hope to be consistent with this blogging thing. i've had so many blogs before that i haven't been too consistent at. i do have one blog that is consistent but that relates to things other than hair (i'll fill u in on that later). something about the variety of hair intrigues me. i've never realized how beautiful natural hair was until recently and i'm sad to say i wish i would have realized it years ago. i really want this blog to take off. i wanna express myself. i'm not looking to be a guru i just want to make a difference (and some friends along the way). I want my readers to feel empowered. I want to expose my readers to beautiful things other than hair (i.e life, travel, finances) so many things i can think of. I just hope to get the opportunity to get my point across in the most effective way possible. bear with me....i'm gonna get there


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